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Video Production in Christchurch

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Video Production in Christchurch

Communication is Key

Star Media’s talented team can help with all your video production, filming and editing needs in Christchurch.

The best videos are made when the producer and client share the same vision of a project.

We see ourselves as problem solvers for our clients, as we know the possibilities with video are endless. Our Christchurch video production team can help you to develop your creative vision, work to meet it, all within varying budgets.  

Video Concepts

Video Concepts is a small yet modular unit. We can expand as needed to tackle bigger, more complicated video production projects and we can reduce our team size for smaller projects. Our flexibility will help you to streamline workflow and stick within your budget. 

Our services include the staples: script editing, filming, and editing. We also have access to graphics and motion graphics services, which further add to the videos we make. Video should be engaging and purposeful, and that is what we strive to bring to every project. 

Partner with us for your next video production project in Christchurch

Star Media reaches Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand audiences every day. The diversified media company is one of New Zealand’s largest independent media companies and prides itself on delivering successful multi-platform marketing solutions.

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